Follow me as I dive into the world that is cooking! There will be mishaps, burns and feasts as you watch my progression from college-student fare (pizza rolls and ramen noodles) to (hopefully) goddess of the hearth! I am always open to new recipes and ideas, so feel free to contact me.


Welcome to Kitchen Antics!

My father, a ragin’ cajun, is the best cook I know.  I was born in Louisiana, and despite our many moves during childhood, I’ve always felt a closeness to my Cajun heritage.  Dad’s skills in the kitchen come from his mother, who is the goddess of cooking.  She makes the juiciest, most sultry roast beef poboy sandwiches and the best damned shrimp and pasta salad I’ve ever had.  I’m now old enough to inherit these family recipes, and am scared but excited to try them all out!
My mother is more of the baker, and a good one!  She is a firm believer in adding cinnamon and extra vanilla to almost all cookie recipes and has a knack for using everything in her pantry to accomplish a kickass meal.  Her parents owned a Spanish/Tex-Mex restaurant in Texas for many years.  My French/Scot-Irish grandmother published the recipes from the restaurant after my Spanish grandfather’s passing, and I will be sharing a few of them with you later on.
     I married a handsome, lean man who eats two servings of food at almost every meal, hence the majority of our dinners are made for four even though it's just the two us.  The small town we're in has four not-so-great restaurants and a lot of fast food joints, so I cook almost every meal we eat.  Though that sounds like bragging, I'm coming from "cooking" college food: lots of frozen pizza, Hot Pockets and Jell-O.  It's been quite a journey!  After we got hitched in 2009, I really began pursuing the evasive art of cooking visually impressive, delicious, yet easy-to-make meals.  I was awful in the kitchen in years past.  I set a bag of popcorn on fire in the microwave once, just to give you an idea.  I have also successfully brought a grilled cheese to flames (which may be a technique somewhere).
    I majored in Digital Photographic Imaging as a college student, but the drawing/basic art classes didn't hold my interest and I dropped the major.  I decided to do photography just as a recreational hobby: as something I loved, not something that had a deadline.  Thus I gained a very basic understanding of the arts and have always had an "eye" for snapping photos.  Food photography is something new to me, and hopefully you'll see my progress as the blog grows!

I hope you enjoy following me on this tasty journey.  This blog is dedicated to those who have inspired me to pursue my love of the arts and the culinary world.