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December 6, 2011

Holiday (Or Any Day) Apple-Pecan Upside-Down Pie

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

So after I made this dessert, the family asked me to keep it a secret.  After much debate, however, I thought that more people should be able to enjoy this awesome recipe and decided to post it here.  I only have seven followers, so how bad could it be to share it with y'all?!  You can thank me after your first bite.  Upon searching through my pile of recipes I've stored up, I found one for Apple Upside-Down Pie.  Mmmm.  The picture above is this sweet/tart delicacy before being flipped over (I personally think it's prettier this way!)

My cousin and I baked this awesome pie the night before, and doubled the amount of pecans in the original recipe then compensated for the increase with more butter and brown sugar (YUM).  There is a reason this is regarded as a "holiday" pie in the title!

Once it's done, it is supposed to be flipped over and taken out of the pie pan and placed onto a serving plate.  I was busy with other things and the crust ended up sticking a bit to the pie pan upon cooling, so I would suggest either flipping once cooled for 15 minutes or adding a bit of grease under the upper pie crust.  If you forget, like I did, it's kind of a messy pie anyway and can be easily covered up.

It was a smash hit!  So much so that I didn't even take a picture of the inside of the pie.  Oops.  Like I said before, this isn't the "prettiest" of pies, but it definitely makes up for its appearance in flavor!  The mixture of Granny Smith and Jonagold apples makes for a sweet/tart combination and a wonderful texture.  These are two of only a few apples I know of that hold their texture when baked.  Serve it warm or cold, and enjoy!