Follow me as I dive into the world that is cooking! There will be mishaps, burns and feasts as you watch my progression from college-student fare (pizza rolls and ramen noodles) to (hopefully) goddess of the hearth! I am always open to new recipes and ideas, so feel free to contact me.

February 4, 2012

Sicky-face Chicken Soup

We got home after Thanksgiving break and Jhet and I both came down with a strange cold.  We were both miserable and didn't want to eat out, but had nothing in the kitchen.  I sucked it up, went to the store and VOILA!  Chicken soup.

We suffered for another day or so, but felt so much better after a good dose of chicken stock, vegetables and comfort.  Even the dog got sick this winter.  Not kidding.

This can be a flexible recipe, so feel free to add in some ginger or whatever your heart so desires.  I think I put a little too much wine in there, so I reduced the amount of alcohol.  You can also use egg white noodles in place of the rice.  Whatever you decide to use, the end result is a classic pick-me-up soup for those under the weather, or those enjoying the cold climate!